HY-TEC’s commitment to sustainable development is demonstrated through actions across a balanced program of business based initiatives. 

Through the development and trial of alternative materials, HY-TEC strives to deliver product to meet customer requirements for sustainable design principles. 

To reduce the effect if its operations on the environment, HY-TEC have implemented initiatives designed to maximise natural resources and product conservation through:

  • The capture and reuse of waste water in our concrete manufacturing process.
  • Export of excess concrete waste to external manufacturing facilities for further use in the construction industry.
  • Optimising the use of alternative materials in concrete mix designs.
  • Life cycle management initiatives including recycling of settled sludge from truck wash bays through aggregate quarries as rubble and development o flow strength mixes with the use of recycled aggregates from crush waste concrete.

HY-TEC is governed by the sustainability policy of its parent company Adelaide Brighton Ltd. 

For further information, please visit the Environmental Concrete page