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HY-TEC is an innovative company with strong technical capabilities supplying quality products supported by a reliable and superior service to builders, contractors, civil engineers, government bodies, designers and retail customers. 
HY-TEC focuses on accurate delivery times, taking direct customer enquiries at each concrete plant and quarry, supported by a large fleet of concrete trucks for quick response and best in class on time delivery.
Our service is personal and our account managers are responsive to customers' enquiries and needs.
A key strength of our business is the use of alternative cementitious materials, such as fly ash and slag, as well as alternative raw materials in our concrete mix design which can result in lower carbon products.
HY-TEC also has a fantastic decorate concrete range with mixes being designed for individual customer’s requirements for exposed, coloured and polished concrete.
The HY-TEC Group is comprised of Hy-Tec Industries Pty Ltd (New South Wales), Hurd Haulage Pty Ltd, Hy-Tec Industries (Queensland) Pty Ltd and Hy-Tec Industries (Victoria) Pty Ltd which are subsidiaries of Adbri Limited, a leading Australian construction materials and lime producing company with operations in all states and territories of Australia. For more information please visit www.adbri.com.au.
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The following links are to companies and associations that HY-TEC are affiliated with.

Adbri Limited

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia

National Association of Testing Authorities

Cathay Pigments Australia

Housing Industry Association

Concrete Industry Association Queensland

Batesford Quarry

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