Queensland exposed aggregate range

HY-TEC Queensland specialises in supplying a wide range of exposed aggregates. Check out our entire range.

BASE Aggregates 

A selection of aggregates from our Queensland Base Aggregates range.


Hy-Tec Black


Marble Bar




BLEND Aggregates

Queensland Blend Aggregates are a combination of two different aggregates from our base range to create a truly unique finish.

Ayers Rock 75

Dalmation 10

Dalmation 25

Dalmation 75

Dalmation 90

Dark & Stormy 75

Eumundi 50

Jaffa 20

Jaffa 90

Night Sky 25

Night Sky 60

Orange Tree 75

Sandstorm 25

Sandstorm 75

Sunrise 25

Tigress 75



A selection of both base and blended aggregates in full depth coloured concrete.

Ayers Rock 25 + Golden Bronze Colour

Dalmation 10 & CCS Onyx

Dalmatian 75 + Grape Colour


Desert 75 + Raffle Beige Colour

Duaringa + Lemon Creme Colour

Jaffa 20 & CCS Biscuit‚Äč

Jaffa 80 & CCS Onyx

Kimberley + Mangrove Colour

Marble Bar + Canvas Colour

Marble Bar + Onyx Colour

Night Sky 75 + CCS Spinifex Colour

Sunset + Honeycomb Colour

Uluru & CCS Desert Buff


POLISHED Aggregates

Queensland Polished Concrete brings out the inner beauty and depth of the aggregates.

Duaringa + Honey Combe Colour Polished

Hy-tec Black Polished

Hy-tec Black + Pewter Colour Polished

Jaffa 80

Kimberley Polished

Kimberley + Driftwood Colour Polished

Marble Bar Polished

Marble Bar + Stone Beige Colour Polished

Night Sky 10 Polished


Sunset + Tobacco Colour Polished

Tigress 75 + Lizard Skin Polished


Uluru + CCS Spinifex Colour Polished

To enquire about HY-TEC Queensland's exposed aggregates range please contact your local HY-TEC plant to place an order.

Brightwater Estate near Mooloolaba QLD, showcasing Hy-tecs Dalmatian exposed with Liquorice oxide.


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