Environmental Product Declarations – EPD

Hy-Tec is part of Adbri, and we are committed to a sustainable future with a goal of net zero emissions by 2050. As part of this commitment, we are providing independently verified, transparent, and comparable information about the environmental impact of our products through the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

Our Concrete EPDs include a range of products produced by Hy-Tec in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Northern Territory. These EPDs covers a selection of our Normal Class and Special Class mixes, as well as our range of low carbon concretes, which provide customers with sustainable products to help Build a Better Australia.  

Our EPDs are independently verified to ISO 14025 and the best practice standard EN 15804, as well as a relevant Product Category Rule, and are registered with EPD Australasia.


Adbri Concrete Products EPD - New South Wales

Adbri Concrete Products EPD - Queensland

Adbri Concrete Products EPD - Victoria

Adbri Concrete Products EPD - Northern Territory


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